A Quick Thank You!

Credit | FreshHomes.com

Credit | FreshHomes.com

Hello Family and Friends,

I was just going through my year-end routine of reflecting on life and business and am feeling thankful for many things, but at the top of the list this year are relationships and learning.


Experiences of this year have really reinforced how important relationships are because of how they grow and shape us. Think about a life where there aren't other people to care for, teach, learn from, share ideas with, etc…seems pretty dull, right? That’s why I want you to know how much I appreciate the relationship we have, in whatever capacity that may be. We would accomplish little, and have little to accomplish, if it wasn't for the people in our lives. Think about where you would be today without the relationships of those around you. Think about the good they bring to the table: kindness, wisdom, friendship, generosity, expertise, creativity, and, so on. Without them…Would you be enjoying life? Would you have that job? Would you have that opportunity?



I have two favorite books this year – Both are a short read and written with the purpose of helping the reader develop strategy for intentional living. I realize that a strategy development book might sound a bit dry, but they both contain many relevant teaching examples and situations… I think most will find at least some applicable value from each. For anyone that has a particular fondness for goal setting they are both great teaching tools for increasing your success.


I hope you can pick one or both of these up for 2015.

How Will You Measure Your Life – Clayton Christensen

Strategy For You – Rich Horwath


Please know how much I appreciate you and what you bring to my family, life, and business.


Have a successful 2015…however you choose to measure it.

Ben Farley