Contractor Spotlight: Appliance Servicing


It never fails: appliances crap-out on us at the most inconvenient time possible. It is as if they have finally had enough - tired of being underappreciated they want to make sure their exit stings – it’s vindictive, really.

Case in point, our oven called it quits on us Christmas Eve and we, of course, were scheduled to host a family dinner that evening. Go figure.

Before you toss your appliance, you may want to check with an appliance specialist, as the solution may be simple and possibly save you money. The really great appliance repair companies will often try to walk you through a few simple solutions over the phone to save you a service trip and some money. One of these great companies, in my experience, is The Appliance Guys.

I first worked with The Appliance Guys a few years ago when they helped me with some recurring trouble on a nearly-new dishwasher, which had a warranty about 1 month expired. They started by trying to walk me through some possible solutions over the phone (water flow, filters, etc.). Unfortunately, the solution was not obvious, so they sent a tech out to assess our situation. Upon arrival the tech was professional and courteous and was able to quickly identify the issue and offer a solution.

The Appliance Guys offer a variety of services*, including emergency calls. So if your appliances are giving you fits you may want to give them a try.

green lline.png
appliance technician assessing a dishwasher after it failed and stopped working

Call the Appliance Guys when your trusty appliance turns on you.

Appliance Guys

(503) 531-8853
After-hours emergency: (971) 777-9323
Visit their website



*A few important notes here:

  • Service gas or electric furnaces only, and air conditioning units (no heat pumps)
  • Service on most major brands, except LG appliances and Samsung refrigerators
  • Appliance Guys are a “post-warranty” specialist, so if your appliance is outside of the warranty date these are the folks to call.

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