Contractor Spotlight: Radon Awareness Month


You might not know it, but January is National Radon Awareness month. If you’re not familiar with radon gas - you need to be. So to get you caught up, here’s some important information I like to share with my clients that ask about radon.

What is radon?

Radon gas is a naturally occuring, colorless, odorless gas that can be harmful to your health.

Why is radon a concern?

When radon gas gets trapped in an enclosed space (like your home) it can become harmful. According to the American Cancer Society, radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., following smoking.

What can you do about radon in your home?

First, have your home tested for radon – it’s very affordable at around $150-$200 for professional testing. If the results indicate levels that exceed the EPA’s recommended levels, have a mitigation system installed. The cost will largely depend on the type of system required – and that is determined by the type of home that you have. On average, we see costs range from $2,000 - $4,000.

I just had a great experience with Cascade Radon, a company that specializes in providing and installing radon mitigation solutions.

Cascade can provide both the testing and mitigation solutions. However, if you’re looking for a 3rd party test, there are several testing companies out there. But my favorite (without comparison) are Wayne and Pam Strouhal at Inspectek West. These folks are awesome!

If you’re looking for a comparable bid for a mitigation system I’ve also had a great experience with Environmental Works. They were extremely responsive and helpful. My experience is echoed by the many great reviews they’ve received online. In addition to radon testing and mitigation, they also happen to provide a slew of other environmental services.

technician checking for radon gas in a home

Who to call for help with radon

  • Inspectek West Radon
    Testing only

Pam and Wayne Strouhal
971) 263-0778
Email them here
Visit their website

  • Cascade Radon
    Testing and mitigation

Kirsten Elkins or Nicole Arthur
(503) 421-4813
Email them here
Visit their website

Other companies we recommend:

  • Environmental Works
    Testing and mitigation

(503) 719-6715
Visit their website