Contractor Spotlight: Crawlspace Pest Control


The often forgotten “dungeon” of our homes rarely receives any kind of notice or attention, so it should come as no surprise that home inspections nearly always reveal some sort of problem in that area. Disconnected ducting, fallen insulation, water accumulation, and rodents are the items I see cited most often.

While the first three items would be discovered with a quick check every now and again, the rodent problem is very often preventable with sealed access points, and properly secured crawl space vent screens. These are really simple measures to prevent the impressive damage those little creatures can create.

With enough time they can cause significant damage to insulation and even wiring.

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Who to call for rodents in your crawlspace:

If you’re looking for great pest people, Exodus is your best bet.

Exodus Pest Control

Contact: Bryan Healy
(503) 575-0500



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