Contractor Spotlight: HVAC


One of the hardest working systems of our home is the heating and cooling (HVAC) system. It’s like the “Mom” of the house – it works tirelessly, without complaint, keeping everyone comfortable, and gets very little recognition. Sorry, Mom!

The HVAC system should be serviced at least once a year to keep it running at peak performance. This is a very expensive system to replace, so regular maintenance may save you a lot of money. What surprises most people is that servicing costs are very reasonable, often ranging from $100-$150 depending on the system.

It’s a great idea to consider booking an HVAC servicing contractor in the off-seasons before temperatures reach extremes. The reason for this is twofold:

  1. Your system will run reliably and more efficiently under extreme conditions during peak seasons, and

  2. Everyone else is calling when the extreme temperatures have pushed their system to the breaking-point and you may have a long wait.

man servicing an HVAC air conditioning unit

If you’re conscientious about air quality – and that is wise to be conscientious about – you may also want to consider an air duct cleaning. The best quality comes from companies that use large vacuum systems to do a thorough, deep-clean of all your ductwork.

If a servicing and cleaning aren’t for you, at least change your filter regularly. The frequency of replacements will depend primarily on the number of dust creators in your home (number of people, pets, etc.), but once a month or every other month is common. You’ll find the filter in the furnace unit itself, or behind the filter grill at the cold air return.

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Who to call for HVAC servicing.

If you’re looking for great people, I’ve had an awesome experience with each of these companies.

HVAC servicing

Don’s Aircare (service)
Long-time industry veterans Tim and Dave have always taken good care of HVAC systems for my clients and me. They can sometimes be difficult to book, but they are worth it.

Contact: Tim or Dave
(503) 642-5844
Visit their website

The Appliance Guys (service)
We highlighted these guys in February for their great service on appliances, but they also offer HVAC servicing*, including emergency calls.

The Appliance Guys
(503) 531-8853
After-hours emergency: (971) 777-9323
*Note: They’ll only service gas and electric furnaces or air conditioning units (no heat pumps)

Bruton Comfort Control (service and instal)
Would be a great option to check as well. Our experience with them is limited, but they come highly recommended and are well-loved on top review sites.

Bruton Comfort Control
(503) 626-7477
Visit their website

Duct cleaning

The Duct Guys
This crew went above and beyond for me to clean out a dryer vent that was giving me trouble. I thought my dryer was failing, but it turned out that my dryer vent was just packed with lint – yikes! The vent was a really tricky one and they kept at it until they had it finished.

The Duct Guys
(503) 705-1176
Visit their website



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